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Doss Family Association

In about 1994, Libbie Griffin began the Doss Family Association for the purpose of sharing information among all Doss descendants.

Nathan Murphy of Kentucky has been especially generous and helpful.

For much of the 1990's she worked tirelessly untangling the Doss genealogy and compiling genealogical information. She spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars doing original research in all the southern and mid-western states on the various Doss families. I launched the Doss Family Association and for six years published the results of her work in a journal which anyone could obtain by joining the association.

In 2003 the Doss Family Association website was launched.

In regards to the FACTS about Immigrant John Doss - here are the FACTS and RECORDS found to date:

Found Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia records:

The Christ Church Parish Register of Middlesex County, Virginia records the marriage of John Doss and Ann Taylor. It also records the births of three of their children: William and Eleanor, twins, and their son Thomas, who we believe was the ancestor of most Dosses in America today.

Incidentally, the Church where John and Ann likely married and
where they probably brought their children to be christened is still in use

Marriage Record: 1679
Children Christenings:

Here is what WE DO NOT KNOW about John doss - as of today:
We have NO RECORD of where in England the immigrant John Doss may have come from.

Many Middlesex County records survive, but he appears in very few of them, indicating to us that he was poor and landless.

Nathan Murphy, AG, (Accredited Genealogist) discovered very early records of people named Doss in the hamlet of Chedzoy, near Bristol, England but to date we've found no absolute proof of a connection. We hope to find it perhaps through the DNA research that Nathan got us into. NO PARENTS of our Immigrant John Doss have been found yet. Any person saying they know this information, is guessing.

Per Nathan:
There is no known record in America that identifies Immigrant John Doss' age.

The 1661 arrival may or may not apply to our John Doss.  It's the only possibility that has been found in headright grants, but not all immigrants appear in surviving headright grants.

Other info found about Immigrant John Doss comes from theories or guesses. There are several possible records for him, but it's really hard to say whether they actually pertain to him.

For further information on Doss DNA Test Results from around the world, please refer to:

The Doss DNA Project: Patriarchs

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